Powertec Levergym-Chin/Dip Assist L-CDA+20

Powertec Levergym-Chin/Dip Assist L-CDA+13
Powertec Levergym-Chin/Dip Assist L-CDA+13
Powertec Levergym-Chin/Dip Assist L-CDA+13
Powertec Levergym-Chin/Dip Assist L-CDA+13

Powertec Levergym-Chin/Dip Assist L-CDA+20

$1,099.00 $949.00

Powertec Levergym-Chin/Dip Assist (L-CDA+)

The two best exercises of all time to train the upper body. Chin-ups work the back and biceps while dips work the chest, shoulders and triceps. Both of these exercises are so productive but unfortunately most people can't perform more than even a few reps while using their own body weight. Years ago there were a few companies that developed an assist system using a weight stack for commercial gym market that basically worked in reverse. The more resistance you add the easier the exercise. Great machines but the cost was in the thousands. Now Powertec has developed the first assist system in leverage form at an affordable price for everyone. The Powertec Levergym-Chin/Dip Assist (L-CDA) provides reverse assisted resistance to allow for the user to perform a Dip, Chin-up, Squat and Crunch – four great exercises to work the entire body. By loading weight on the lever it acts to counter balance your own bodyweight thus allowing for full range of motion and perfect repetitions.

Owning the Powertec Levergym-Chin/Dip Assist (L-CDA20) is like having multiple workout stations in a single, lightweight piece of equipment. Ideal for cramped quarters because of its small footprint and lightweight, the Powertec Levergym-Chin/Dip Assist (L-CDA) puts you in complete control of sculpting your abs, chest, back and arms. The freestanding Powertec Levergym-Chin/Dip Assist (L-CDA) challenges you to use your own bodyweight to efficiently power your way through gut-slimming routines and muscle-defining exercises. Whether you're focused on tightening your abs and obliques or concentrating on a chiseled look accomplished through pull-ups, chin-ups, push-ups and dips, there's nothing like shaping and toning your physique in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Order your Powertec Levergym-Chin/Dip Assist (L-CDA from FitnessFactoryOutlet.com today! The Powertec Levergym-Chin/Dip Assist (L-CDA) is designed to provide an intense workout while eliminating strain on your lower back. Comfortable pads and sturdy, welded steel construction create a solid platform for you to lose inches and achieve a ripped fit look. Trust your gut instincts and get serious about your routine with the Powertec Levergym-Chin/Dip Assist (L-CDA)! The Powertec Levergym-Chin/Dip Assist (L-CDA20) stands ready to help you tighten your abs and define your upper body muscles.

By doing pull-ups chin-ups and dips, you can effectively and efficiently build muscles in your arms, shoulders and back. Add vertical knees raises, and you'll soon see an increase in definition of your lower abdominal muscles. Best of all, the benefits of these exercises can be enjoyed by fitness enthusiasts of all skill and strength levels.

For a stonger and more physically fit body the Powertec Levergym-Chin/Dip Assist (L-CDA) will do the trick. The Powertec Levergym-Chin/Dip Assist (L-CDA) stands ready to become what you need it to be to get you where you want to be. Get on the road to a stronger and healthier body, call 1-877-336-7483 to talk with one of our fitness gurus with any questions you may have about the Powertec Levergym-Chin/Dip Assist (L-CDA). Order your Powertec Levergym-Chin/Dip Assist (L-CDA+20) from FitnessFactoryOutlet.com today! Powertec Levergym-Chin/Dip Assist Plus(L-CDA+20) Features


Model No L-CDA+20
Accessorize No
Isolateral Function No
Dimension (L x W x H) (inches) 44.5"; x 61.8"; x 86.5";
Starting weight (unloaded) 5 lbs.
Max Weight Capacity 400 lbs.
Total Shipping Weight 208.00 lbs.
Shipping Dimension L-SC 1/2 60.00 x 29.00 x 10.00 L-SC 2/2 27.00 x 17.00 x 6.00

Powertec Levergym-Chin/Dip Assist (L-CDA+20) Warranty

  • Lifetime manufacturer's warranty on frame (excludes surface finish)

Order your Powertec Leverage Chin Dip Assist L-CDA+20 from FitnessFactoryOutlet.com today!

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