Body-Solid Leverage Gym (GLGS100) vs POWERTEC Leverage Gym (WB-LS) | Product Comparison

Powertec or Body Solid - Who does Leverage Equipment Better?

Let's Compare The Body Solid GLGS100  VS the The Powertec WB-LS!

Let's be clear when we talk about leverage gyms. We are not discussing the $5k and up options you see from companies like Hammer Strength or Life Fitness but instead reasonably priced models like the WB-LS and the GLGS100/P4 from Body Solid.

So, what are the big differences between GLGS100/P4 and the WB-LS?  

Here we go!


The GLGS100 Leverage Gym comes in two formats. The GLGS100 is just the gym for users that already own a bench and don't need one or don't want one and the GLGS100P4 is the leverage gym with an included bench that can be disconnected and used as a stand-alone bench which can be really nice when doing dumbbell exercises. Like its competitor the GLGS100P4 (with bench) eats up about 4' x 6' of your precious floor space.

The GLGS100 Leverage Gym only comes in the red color for what it's worth. Some users like the color, some dislike, many don't care but can often be a variable in the purchasing decision!

Body Solid GLGS100


Perform shrugs, squats, dead lifts, biceps curls and everything in-between more easily and effective. With a revolutionary space-saving design the GLGS100 fits comfortably into most home and commercial settings. With an all-new, high-tech/high-gloss anodized red finish, this gym not only stands out for its performance but also its looks.

The swing arm/press arm station has a large radius to greater simulate a straight up and down motion. The press arm bar can also be raised to its highest position allowing the GLGS100 to be used as a pull-up/chin-up station. An adjustable knee lock-down makes lat pulldowns easier than ever while the low pulley station is perfect for curls and multiple row exercises. Attached weight horns make weight storage easy.

Works with most any Flat/Incline/Decline Bench or add the optional, premium GFID100, Flat / Incline / Decline Bench that can slide in and out allowing for ease-of-use and a smooth transition from exercise-to-exercise while attached wheels make transport a breeze. Stand-alone design allows bench to be used completely independently of the gym system. 

WIthout seeing the bench up close many people are unaware that there is a 2"x2" receiver at the end of the bench so you can add attachments like a preacher curl or a leg extension.

GLGS100 Includes: (1) Lat Pulldown Bar and (1) Revolving Cable Handle.  

Body-Solid GLGS100 Three Main Stations



The Powertec Workbench LeverGym™ has been the leader in leverage home gyms for decades. We have been selling Powertec for over 25 years and although the gyms look very similar Powertec shines brighter in a few areas.

Powertec Workbench Levergym WB-LS

The first difference is Powertec has isolateral arms. If you are unsure of what that means, it simply means the arms are independent of each other if activated or can be locked together like most other gyms. The benefits of this can be huge when working on injuries, stabilizer muscles and a few other reasons but it's nothing to take lightly and is not available on it's competitor.

Powertec also has a receiver on the end of the included bench but in Powertec's case, they have a huge selection of available accessories to work hand in hand with that receiver including a leg press, leg extension, pec dec, arm curl and many more.





Let's Talk Warranties

I don't want to get into the weeds talking about warranties and you're welcome to dig into both companies policies but to make a long story short.

Body Solid, hands down has a much better warranty. Assuming you are using the gym as it's intended in a home environment, the warranty will replace anything and everything that breaks. As far as working with Body Solid to get parts, they are fantastic!

Now Powertec' s warranty doesn't really cover anything after a few short years but in our experience over the last 25 years of selling it. RARELY does anything ever break. That being said, Powertec is known for being a bit hard to work with when it comes to warranty issues so take that as you will. I honestly don't recall anyone ever being upset that they purchased Powertec but had to deal with warranty issues!
In my opinion their 25 year dominance outweighs the lack of warranty issues or perhaps that dominance is why their warranties are what they are to begin with..





Squat / Press Arm Station YES YES
High Pulley / Lat Pulldown Station YES YES
Low Pulley Station YES  YES 
Band Pegs YES YES
Isolated Arms X YES
Adjustable FID Bench Optional, works with almost any FID bench;
Included (GFID100) with GLGS100P4
Included, Powertec Workbench
Starting Carriage Weight 30lbs 30lbs
Weight Capacity 600lbs Press Arms: 500lbs
Cable Lat: 300lbs
Dimensions GLGS100: 69" L x 67" W x 32" H
GLGS100P4: 95" L x 67" W x 83" H
81.4" L x. 57.5: W x 81.7" H
Frame Color Red & Black Only Black (WB-LS-BB)
Yellow & Black (WB-LS-YY)
Included Attachments

(1) x Lat Pulldown Bar
(1) x Low Row Straight Bar
(1) x Revolving Cable Handle
(1) x Squat Bar

(1) x Lat Pulldown Bar
(1) x Low Row Straight Bar
(1) x Squat Bar
Warranty Lifetime In-Home (everything is covered)
Light Commercial
Limited Lifetime, Residential Only

Body-Solid GLGS100 VS Powertec WB-LS Wrap-Up!

And the winner is?...Either will give you an incredible home workout. Powertec may suit you while Body Solid suits someone else. We have literally had people buy Powertec over Body Solid because they like the yellow color. We hope you have more info for you to choose which machine will work best for you but in our book. It's a Win, WIn!

Powertec WB-LS
Body Solid GLGS100
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