Manta Ray Squat Support

Manta Ray Squat Support (MR136)
Manta Ray Squat Support (MR136)
Manta Ray Squat Support (MR136)

Manta Ray Squat Support

Body Solid
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Manta Ray® by Advanced Fitness

The Manta Ray® was developed to improve or eliminate problems we had with the squat exercise.  We started by listing the things we thought were the negative aspects (bullet points below).  Then worked for several years to address those issues with a small, simple device that didn't take away any of the beneficial aspects.   Tens of thousands of happy Manta Ray® owners think we accomplished our goal.

The Manta Ray® just might help your squatting, because:

  • Your arms no longer have to support so much of the load to keep the bar from rolling off your back!
  • Finding the center of the bar on each set is no longer a problem. Once you center and snap the Manta Ray to the bar you know your right in the middle, every set!
  • Repairing trauma from that shearing force crushing muscle and nerves against bone is no longer wasting part of your bodies limited ability to recuperate from a workout!
  • The bar no longer rests on the deltoids, or pulls the arms back.  This eliminates much of the common squat related stress to the shoulder complex (which houses the injury prone Rotator Cuff Assembly)!
  • The MANTA RAY takes away that shearing pain in your neck so you can focus on the movement and watch your gains skyrocket!


Weight: 2 lbs

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