Vibra Pro Genesis Elite M7

Vibra Pro Genesis Elite M7
Vibra Pro Genesis Elite M7
Vibra Pro Genesis Elite M7
Vibra Pro Genesis Elite M7

Vibra Pro Genesis Elite M7

Elite M7

Vibra Pro Genesis Elite M7

Vibra Pro’s newest multi motion Genesis class machine is the Elite. Featuring 2 brand new unique motion styles that are only available from VibraPro which offer even more focused vibration therapy. The Elite offers users the traditional oscillation motion and ‘cross lateral motion’ as well as the highly effective ‘dynamic wave motion’. 3 motion styles are available for demanding users that want a vibration exercise machine that can deliver maximum vibration therapy results. The Elite has a combined amplitude of 33 mm, which is 3 times more than the average vibration exercise machine. Designed specifically for a select few. If you are wanting extreme lymphatic drainage this machine is the right choice. If you are a senior and are looking for a machine to improve your balance, or tighten your core muscles this is the right choice for vibration therapy. If you are looking for a hyper weight loss tool this is the one. Available in 2 models – M3 has 12 program modes and the M7 has 28 program modes.

VibraPro re-engineered the Elite M7 specifically for people with bad joints. The Elite M7 has several layers of joint protection built in to protect sensitive joints. Unlike other multi-motion vibration machines, this 3 motion machine only has a high amplitude, low-speed motions, making it ideal for people looking to improve lymphatic drainage, lose weight or improve their balance.

Slow rhythmic motions with no abrupt movements make this machine ideal for seniors and for those who may be suffering from joint damage or suffer from joint pain. 100 different speeds available in all 3 motions, so you can fine-tune the workout to suit your particular needs and desires.

The M7 version of the Elite includes larger 800 watt and 400 watts DC electric motors. 28 different internal programs, including 8 specifically designed for seniors, the Elite M7 is a sturdy machine that could be used in a light commercial setting. The flat smooth control panel makes cleaning the machine a breeze, and the lit colored LED display is easy to read. Includes 1 set of soft upper body straps. The quietest whole body vibration machine made to date. Some people cannot even tell it is on, without looking at the moving platform.


Vibra Pro Elite M7 Bonus Features

Flat touch screen. The Elite vibration machine has a flat screen with no protrusions such as a button, dials or knobs of any kind. This means that a simple wipe with a damp cloth is all that’s needed to properly clean it. No more dirt and debris building along the edges of protrusions. No possible bacterial growth, no mold or mildew. Cleans easily and stays clean.

Closed cell foam handlebars. The foam that is used on this whole body vibration machine is closed cell foam. This means that there are no open air pockets in the material. Unlike cheaper more commonly found handlebar foam, our Elite vibration machine handlebars will not absorb water or perspiration. This ensures that there will never be any mold or mildew growing on them. No need for chemical cleaners and disinfectants on any of our body vibration machines.

Vibration Dampening Systems. The Elite vibration machines have vibration dampening rubber strips on the side of the column. This unique vibration dampening system utilizes a proprietary rubber compound exclusive to Vibra Pro that is embedded into the sides of the Elite column. This special material absorbs and dissipates any non-harmonic vibrations which may be emanating from the base of the vibration platform machine. Furthermore, the upright column of the Elite is designed to have some play in its connection to the base. This non-rigid connection will not transfer high-frequency vibrations from the base to the handlebars and keeps the non-harmonic vibrations from reaching the user’s hands. The M7 model also has a calibrated main dampener on the column that is custom fabricated to meet the exact resonating frequency of the column material. This counteracts any non-harmonic vibrations which may reach the column from the base. The mass of the vibration dampener is custom calibrated to each specific vibration machine for an exact match.

Resistance upper body straps. The Elite vibration exercise machine includes a pair of resistance straps that are intended for performing arm exercises while standing on the vibration platform.

Stress release base mat. The M7 machine also has a unique vinyl base mat which is designed for easy cleaning. It also has unique dampening properties. If you look closely, the base has three areas which are slightly raised and appear to be somewhat crowned. On either side near the edges and in the front center near the edge, the mat surface has a certain springiness to it. This is designed to help absorb any vertical impact stress away from joints (especially the knee) and soft tissue.

Air cooled electronics allows proper heat dissipation from the vibration therapy machine. Other whole body vibration machines do not have air-cooled electronics and can overheat easily. Electronics always operate more efficiently and last longer when they are cool.

Roller wheels on the back of the vibration machines. High quality rubberized plastic wheels on the back side of the column facilitate moving the machine from one room to another by simply tilting and rolling the vibration machine.

Adjustable feet. The Elite machine includes adjustable feet which are great to compensate for any unevenness in the surface below.

Exercise Videos. The M7 vibration machine includes detailed exercise DVD that shows a professional trainer walking the user through 4 different workouts designed for oscillation motion, cross lateral motion, and dynamic wave motion. This DVD is specifically designed for the Vibra Pro Elite multi-motion vibration therapy machine.

Wall Poster. The Elite vibration machine includes a large corresponding wall exercise poster that shows 25 easy to follow exercise positions with matching suggested vibration frequencies.


Vibra Pro Genesis Elite M7 Specification

  • DAMPENER » 1 built-in
  • Programs » 28
  • SPEED » 99 settings
  • AMPLITUDE » 33 mm
  • MOTOR » 1x800 watt DC + 1x400 watt DC
  • STRAP MOUNTS » Retractable Under Base
  • PROGRAMS » M7 = 28, M3 = 12
  • SKIRT » ABS High Impact
  • MOTION » Oscillation / Cross Lateral / Dynamic Wave
  • MACHINE WEIGHT » 115.5 lbs
  • FRAME » Rugged Welded Steel
  • CENTER MAIN POST » Steel with Vibration Dampener + swivel mount
  • BASE » Steel
  • PLATFORM HEIGHT » 7.5"; Above Ground
  • PLATFORM SIZE » 24.5 inch. x 17.5 inch
  • LEVELLING SYSTEM » Adjustable Locking Foot Support System
  • COLOR » White / Steel
  • INCLUDED IN THE BOX » Owner’s Manual, assembly tools, training poster, training DVD, soft Upper Body Workout Straps x 2.


  • 2 Years on parts
  • 5 Years on motor

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